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Trump Contract Clashes with Water Infrastructure Reality

15 November 2016
Research Note

President-elect Donald Trump’s Contract with The American Voter, to be pursued immediately upon taking office, lays out an agenda that could impact company strategies across the water sector’s value chain. In this Research Note, Bluefield water experts analyze the infrastructure plans in Trump’s Contract, including the impact on private participation, EPA funding, and foreign investors in the water sector.

“Flint, Michigan and job losses in America’s rust-belt played a pivotal in shaping the campaign stump speeches for Democrats and Republicans alike. However, President-elect Trump’s proclamations to go so far as abolishing, or restructuring, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) runs counter to improving the region’s water infrastructure. Further, it ignores the infrastructure funding and job benefits available to municipalities.”


For more analysis of U.S. water infrastructure investment needs and company strategies, see our new US Municipal Water Infrastructure CAPEX Forecasts (Sample slides available).  Bluefield offers ongoing analysis of water infrastructure markets and company strategies through our US & Canada Municipal Water Infrastructure Insight service.


  • Private infrastructure investment on the agenda.
  • Redirecting UN climate funds towards domestic water & environment overstates impact.
  • Political rhetoric does not match infrastructure, constituency needs.
  • International investors, suppliers await specifics of ‘America First’ policy.

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