Spain Tenders Pinpoint Wastewater Deficiencies

18 Feb 2015
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On 16 January 2015 Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (MAGRAMA) published 34 wastewater project tenders worth US$135 million as part of its Plan for Growth, Competitiveness, and Efficiency (Plan CRECE). Ten of these contracts (US$98 million) include construction of wastewater treatment plants, and the remainder include consulting and management service contracts.

Addressing Spain’s wastewater treatment deficiency forms part of its longer-term National Hydrological Plan 2015-2020, due to be published later this year. MAGRAMA estimates US$10.3 billion of funding is needed for wastewater treatment compliance. This translates into 1,000 new wastewater treatment plants, for which it is seeking to fund 400 in the near-term.

Bluefield Takeaways

  • Near-term tender opportunities in smaller urban areas of wastewater infringement
  • Leading EPC, utility players position for new wave of investment, stick with O&M focus
  • Improved financial markets, PPP legislation reform key to step up new project construction.