Outsourcing O&M for Water & Wastewater Utilities: Contracts, Competitive Landscape, and Trends

1 Mar 2018
Available with corporate subscription

Companies across the water sector value chain are leveraging their positions to build a presence in water and wastewater utility O&M operations. Third-party, private firms in the U.S. currently operate water and wastewater utilities through more than 858 active contracts that provide water and wastewater services to over 19 million people.

In this Data Insight, Bluefield Water experts analyze:

  • Service contracts by state
  • Awarded contracts 2010-2017
  • Contract Operators
  • US O&M Positioning
  • Military Firms
  • EPC Firms Pursuing Design-Build Contracts
  • Profiles of Active Companies
  • Includes data appendix with list of active contracts (Operator, State, Project, Population served – water/wastewater)