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Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Florida: Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities

13 March 2015
Data Insight

Installed wastewater reuse capacity in Florida has grown 52% since 2000, reaching 6.6 million m3/d in 2014. These installations place the state at the forefront of US wastewater reuse adoption. Looking forward, Bluefield’s analysis of more than 500 existing facilities and another 86 planned facilities– totaling more than US$6 billion– signal opportunities for water solutions providers looking to address the state’s forecasted water challenges.

This Data Insight is an in-depth analysis of Florida’s wastewater and reuse landscape, including market size, adoption trends, key policy drivers, and planned investment at a project level by water management district. Also included with the deliverable is the associated operating and planned facility data.

This Data Insight highlights the following:

  • Critical policies shaping the Florida wastewater reuse market going forward, including ocean outfall legislation compliance
  • Identification and analysis of planned projects going forward and their impact on market growth
  • Characterization of more than 500 existing projects, including reused water application, capacity, reuse vs. disposal rates, and location
  • Analysis and profiles of five water management districts and localized trends
  • This report draws on Bluefield Research’s US & Canada Municipal Water Infrastructure Insight Service and its ongoing deliverables and research team.

Data Analyzed:

  • Period analyzed: 2008-2014
  • Six water management districts, including 67 counties
  • Population trends by county and impacts on water withdrawals
  • Wastewater reuse and discharges by county
  • Operating wastewater treatment plants and capacities
  • Wastewater reuse systems & plants and capacities (operating and planned)
  • Planned investments by wastewater management district
  • State policies and legislation driving treatment & reuse adoption

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