GCC Municipal Wastewater & Reuse: 2015-2020

4 Sep 2015
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This brief presentation by Bluefield analyst, Erin Bonney Casey, highlights some of the key findings from Bluefield’s just released report, Municipal Wastewater & Reuse in the GCC: Market Drivers, Trends, and Forecast, 2015–2020. The report analyzes market trends and how government wastewater treatment and infrastructure investment targets are enabling greenfield opportunities for companies across the water value chain.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region’s wastewater market is scaling with more than US$40 billion of government investment slated for new treatment and collection systems. Bluefield forecasts US$22.4 billion of wastewater treatment spending in the region from 2015-2020, representing a significant step toward bridging the region’s wastewater infrastructure gap and offering significant greenfield opportunities, particularly in the areas of wastewater treatment and re-use. Further, more than US$13 billion of projects are in various stages of development, and the region’s extreme water stress is driving new strategies, such as reuse, to address the growing water supply challenges in GCC countries.

The data and analysis in this presentation highlights the critical drivers shaping the wastewater & reuse markets across the GCC region. The presentation touches upon the report’s themes and addresses the landscape for reuse and regional forecasts.