Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale: Fracking Wastewater Production, Disposal, & Treatment Trends, 2010-2014

12 Sep 2014
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This Data Insight is an in-depth analysis of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale and the fracking wastewater market size, treatment trends, and well operator rankings. Bluefield Research’s analysis of more than 6,500 hydraulically fractured wells− of which approximately 5,550 are active− in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania highlights the shifting trends in wastewater management & disposal between 2010 and 2014, including:

  • Annual well additions and wastewater production by volume, county, and operator
  • Wastewater treatment and disposal trends, including reuse, injection well disposal, centralized treatment, and other methods
  • Pennsylvania wastewater volumes transported out-of-state for disposal in Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, and Texas
  • Wastewater management & services spending trends by year, including treatment and transportation
  • Top 25 operators by wastewater and disposal methods by state