Beijing Water Extends International Reach

1 May 2014
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On 9 April 2014 Beijing Enterprises Water Group (BEWG) announced the formation of a joint venture to obtain a 25-year concession right to invest, construct, and operate three water supply plants in Medan City, Indonesia. These projects include guaranteed offtake from local water utility Peruasahaan Daerah Air Miunum Tirtanadi Provinsi Sumatera Utar, for 83,000 m3/day of capacity and require US$32 million of investment. Construction will commence the first half of 2014 for completion in 2015.

Bluefield Takeaways

  • BEWG spreads its wings in Indonesia, prospecting other markets.
  • Medan City, Indonesia presence to test BEWG staying power.
  • Beijing desalination plant reinforces domestic position, diversification.