Prepare to Fill Up Your Bathtubs

8 Sep 2020  |  Episode #9  |  with Erin Bonney Casey, Eric Bindler

Bluefield water experts get into the hot topic of natural disasters and related water & wastewater infrastructure management.  Since 1980 the number of these disasters has steadily increased. From 1980 to 2019, the U.S has sustained 258 climate-related events. These resource-intensive events include hurricanes, flooding, winter storms, and wildfires which bring on more acute challenges for cities and municipalities.

In this podcast:

  • Big picture risks to water utilities and the implications of a failure to the power grid
  • Workforce and crisis management and contingency plans
  • Critical institutional knowledge and workforce redundancies
  • Mission-critical communications strategies
  • Learning from past disaster-related damage to water resources and assets
  • Bluefield’s take on preparedness