Navigating Water through Data

13 Dec 2018  |  Steph Aldock

Data is crucial, and the water sector is no exception. In fact, data might be even more critical to water, given the ~70,000 municipal water and wastewater systems and +300,000 industrial systems in the U.S., alone.

More than any other single step, modernizing water data would unleash an era of water innovation unlike anything in a century.” – Charles Fischman in the New York Times.

Whether projecting capital expenditures for aging water infrastructure or forecasting millions of barrels of water for hydraulic fracturing over the next ten years, it’s important to make the most informed decision.

Executives addressing water are pulled in many different directions and shouldn’t have to sort through disparate data sets or do Google searches to reconcile data sources. For this reason, Bluefield has just launched a new platform to provide a complete picture of the water and wastewater landscapes going forward.

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data – The Economist

With Bluefield Navigator, our team of water experts provide easy-access to water market data, through user-friendly dashboards, to help companies assess opportunities, understand market trends, and validate strategic decisions. Analyzing thousands of municipal and industrial water and wastewater systems, our dashboards provide relevant overviews of the water landscape.

We have curated relevant public data– regulator and utility data with our own proprietary databases and rigorous forecasts to provide a more complete picture of water and wastewater markets.

In an industry that is changing because of new companies, aging systems and violations, and increasing demands, the ability to provide regular, ongoing data updates has become more valuable. For example, Bluefield tracked more than 500 water transactions last year. Offering our M&A data in real-time provides our clients with the ability to search across water deals, see which companies are most likely to acquire and be acquired, and know who is backing each deal.

Insight will become a key competitive weapon, as firms move beyond big data and solve problems with data driven thinking. –Forrester Research

Relevant data for the water industry:

  • Project Data: What is the status of projects by state, region, development? Which solutions are being adopted across key segments and industry verticals and on what timeline?
  • Forecast Data:Where and when will we see growth? Which markets and segments offer the most opportunity?
  • Company Data:What are the key deals? Which company types are more likely to acquire or be acquired?

This is just the beginning. There’s so much we can do as it relates to water and data – whether it be around water rates, aging infrastructure, industrial reuse and more. We believe data will play a key role and we are excited to be doing our part to drive the water industry forward.

To learn more about Bluefield’s water market data or for a demo of Bluefield Navigator follow this link. For questions about our water market data please reach out at