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Consulting Capabilities

Bluefield Research offers consulting research services to companies requiring custom guidance across the industrial and municipal water value chains.

Why use Bluefield for your custom research needs?

We do not start from scratch. Consulting engagements draw from Bluefield’s already existing data-backed market knowledge, network of industry professionals, and years of experience analyzing business strategies and market trends in water and other industry verticals. Our transparent research methodology and approach enables greater client visibility into the supporting data findings and analysis.

Who uses our consulting services?

Scaling interest in the water sector has attracted a number of potential market entrants from the financial, energy, and information & technology sectors, to name a few. At the same time, key decision-makers at EPC firms and water technology vendors are looking for ways to validate or reshape their current strategies in specific geographies and industry verticals.

How are projects structured? 

Project timelines typically range from two weeks to three months, depending on an agreed-upon scope and methodology. Because these are relationship-driven projects, we encourage a phased approach, in which key milestones– workshops and communications– are incorporated into the calendar. This allows clients to stay abreast of the project and adjust when needed.

Select Project References

  • Market entry support for water modeling technology firm. An evaluation of the groundwater market in targeted states with a focus on client identification by screening state agencies, municipal water districts structures, utilities and major groundwater users to establish a more focused business development strategy.
  • Policy analysis, country maturity ranking, demand outlook for a leading global player’s tertiary wastewater treatment technology. Analysis of 14 countries’ policies for specific effluent regulation related to large-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants, including an in-depth assessment of financing mechanisms for enforcement and forecasts.
  • Competitor benchmarking, market demand analysis for a diversified services company. Analysis of drivers and inhibitors for services contracts in a diverse set of markets, including municipal, mining, oil & gas, power industry verticals, as well as competitive assessment.      
  • Wastewater infrastructure market sizing. An evaluation of the US municipal market with a focus on key states and utilities for pipe replacement solutions provider by screening select systems, capital budgets, and network pipe characteristics.
  • Advanced water treatment opportunity assessment membrane technology supplier. In-depth analysis and forecast of Australia’s key market segments including the food & beverage, coal seam gas, municipal, and mining sectors. The project included market screening, primary research, and data collection to assess potential market opportunities for growth and alignment with existing strategy.
  • A deep-dive analysis of the global wastewater opportunity landscape for an EPC company evaluating private water investments. A global firm with extensive experience in water is seeking to identify near-term and long-term investment strategies as a private water plant operator and owner. The engagement includes the analysis of peer company strategies and a breakout of brownfield and greenfield investment opportunities.

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