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Bluefield supports vendors, utilities, and investors seeking custom guidance to address targeted opportunities and challenges across the municipal and industrial water landscapes.

“Ongoing, data-backed analysis of the players and business models being deployed across the industry value chain enables our team to quickly support key decision-makers in their development of a more cohesive and tailored water strategy.”

What makes Bluefield’s consulting capabilities unique?

Consulting engagements leverage Bluefield’s existing, market insight platform, access to a network of industry professionals, and ongoing analysis of the water sector’s market environment.

Our management team’s diverse industry experience, coupled with a demonstrated research methodology and analytical framework, enables our team to deliver impactful, actionable market intelligence.

We recognize that our clients have options for their projects, including internal resources and/or generalist consultants. Our dedicated focus on the water sector accelerates the process and more directly guides client decisions.

Who are the industry stakeholders Bluefield supports?

Bluefield’s breadth of industry knowledge and proprietary data make it the go-to consulting resource for a host of private and public stakeholders. This includes engagements with new market entrants—financial, industrial, information & technology—and incumbent utilities, NGOs, engineering firms, hardware vendors, service providers, and development finance institutions.


How does Bluefield approach each engagement?

Bluefield fosters a collaborative, flexible approach supporting client decisions with highly customized interaction, analysis, and deliverables. Our existing research and references serve as a key starting point to kick off projects that require more targeted, granular analysis specific to our clients’ challenges and opportunities.

Primary research, tapping into our wide global network of water industry contacts, is a core component supporting our research process, analysis, and recommendations. These insights are delivered in user-friendly formats to meet a range of decision-making and communication needs.

Our team is available for discussion well after the project has concluded to support a long-term relationship. Beyond static insights, Bluefield also fosters ongoing strategy reviews through workshops and actionable support to strategy, marketing, and business development teams.

Key areas where Bluefield has accumulated an industry-leading set of references include:

  • Water market entry guidance
  • Technology assessment
  • Commercial strategy
  • M&A due diligence

Advance your water strategy with support from our team of experts.

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