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Future of Water

Bluefield’s new podcast series breaks down the biggest and smallest events signaling change and opportunity across the water landscape. The Future of Water is where we talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

This is our chance to call out, question, and think about what is disrupting the water industry. Whether it’s municipal or industrial, vendor or utility, local, state or even globally focused, Bluefield’s podcast is a source for critical insights. Bluefield’s team of water experts discuss a variety of topics impacting the future of water.

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New Year Episode: Biggest Headlines, Challenges, and Trends Influencing Global Water with Erin Bonney Casey, Eric Bindler Episode #17 — 10 January 2021

In Bluefield's first podcast of the year, Reese Tisdale, Eric Bindler, and Erin Bonney Casey reflect on some of last year's biggest water headlines, discuss future challenges, and identify top trends influencing global water markets. While 2020 was u... »

Water for Power: The Remaking of the Electricity Landscape and its Impact on Water with Cullen Mitchell Episode #16 — 21 December 2020

Reese Tisdale and Bluefield Analyst Cullen Mitchell discuss the impacts of a changing energy landscape and its impact on water management. Over the last decade, the advent of shale oil & gas exploration, renewables, and battery power have upended... »

Are Homes Getting Smarter with Real-time Water Management? with Eric Bindler Episode #15 — 07 December 2020

Reese Tisdale and Eric Bindler talk about the future of water management within the home. Newly announced strategic partnerships between Moen subsidiary Flo and Lennar signal growing potential for the niche market. Prior to the pandemic, the resi... »

Brazil Looks to Private Participation in Water with Keith Hays Episode #14 — 30 November 2020

Bluefield’s Reese Tisdale and Keith Hays discuss Brazil’s municipal water market and the implications for new policies launched to invite private participation. The mercurial Latin American economy has attracted a number of companies willing to r... »

The Role of Private Equity in Water with Keith Hays Episode #13 — 10 November 2020

Over the last 8 to 12 months, the number of private equity (PE) companies coming to Bluefield for support has increased exponentially. Bluefield President Reese Tisdale and Consulting Director Keith Hays discuss why private equity is turning to water... »

Playing Devil’s Advocate – What’s the Outlook for Municipal Water Infrastructure Investment? with Erin Bonney Casey, Marial Marchand Episode #12 — 26 October 2020

Bluefield’s team of water experts discusses infrastructure investment and whether the market is heading up, down, or sideways. Some water industry pundits have said the pandemic is much ado about nothing. However, the Bluefield team doesn't share t... »

Seeing Double, The Rise of the Digital Twins in Water with Keith Hays and Eric Bindler Episode #11 — 05 October 2020

Reese Tisdale and the Bluefield team of water experts discuss Digital Twins—hype or reality—and what the future holds. While the concept of virtual clones of operating assets (e.g., treatment plants, pumps, pipe networks) has been around for more... »

Is Veolia Suez Marriage Good for the Water Sector? with Keith Hays Episode #10 — 21 September 2020

In this episode, Reese Tisdale sits down with Bluefield Vice President Keith Hays to talk about what we call "Big Water." Veolia and Suez, two of the largest water solutions providers in the world are in merger negotiations again, and Reese and Keith... »

Prepare to Fill Up Your Bathtubs with Erin Bonney Casey, Eric Bindler Episode #9 — 08 September 2020

Bluefield water experts get into the hot topic of natural disasters and related water & wastewater infrastructure management.  Since 1980 the number of these disasters has steadily increased. From 1980 to 2019, the U.S has sustained 258 climate-... »

Let’s Make a Deal with Eric Bindler and Mariel Marchand Episode #8 — 11 August 2020

It's all about deal flow and recent M&A activity in the water sector. Bluefield's Eric Bindler and Mariel Marchand share their perspectives on utility acquisitions, utility O&M, and digital water transactions in what can be considered a new e... »

It's a New Year and we've got a new episode for Future of Water! @ebindler and @ErinBonneyCasey discuss challenges and opportunities in #GlobalWater for 2021 @ReeseTisdale gives his take on recent deals: @PurePartnership @BVWater and @VortexCompanies

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New Year Episode: Biggest Headlines, Challenges, and Trends Influencing Global Water

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