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Future of Water

Bluefield’s new podcast series breaks down the biggest and smallest events signaling change and opportunity across the water landscape. The Future of Water is where we talk about all the ways in which companies, utilities, and people are addressing the challenges and opportunities in water.

This is our chance to call out, question, and think about what is disrupting the water industry. Whether it’s municipal or industrial, vendor or utility, local, state or even globally focused, Bluefield’s podcast is a source for critical insights. Bluefield’s team of water experts discuss a variety of topics impacting the future of water.

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What We Think about When We Think about Water with Keith Hays, John Berryman Episode #29 — 15 June 2021

Rather than focus on the nuts and bolts of the water industry, Bluefield shares broader market trends that are exciting our team. In this discussion, our water experts examine seven key factors shaping the outlook of water management. From the Intern... »

Telecom Strategies Emerge at the Center of Digital Water with Nina Rossiter, Eric Bindler Episode #28 — 01 June 2021

Data and the Internet of things are giving rise to a more notable group of influential companies in water: Telecommunications firms. By providing the essential “rails” for data transmission and connectivity between utility systems, assets, and co... »

Cloud Solutions Opening Door to Smaller Water Utilities with Eric Bindler Episode #27 — 18 May 2021

A key factor driving the rapid growth of the global digital water market is the more mainstream adoption of cloud computing, according to Bluefield Research Director, Eric Bindler.  While cloud- and SaaS-based solutions were first popularized in the... »

Veolia and Suez Come to Terms, Redefining “Big Water” with Keith Hays, Chloé Meyer Episode #26 — 04 May 2021

For eight months Suez has pushed back against advances from Veolia in public via press releases, poison pills, and the entertainment of other suitors. However, on the 12th of April, Veolia and Suez announced that they have reached an agreement for a ... »

What’s the Outlook for Fixing America’s Lead Water Pipes? with Greg Goodwin Episode #25 — 20 April 2021

It is finally "infrastructure week." The Biden administration has proposed its US$2.2 trillion American Jobs Plan.  Sure, the Biden plan is a wish list, but one thing that stands out for the water sector is the US$45 billion to tackle lead service l... »

Water Stress Undermines Global Supply Chains with Cullen Mitchell Episode #24 — 06 April 2021

Water touches almost every product, so it's worth considering it as a critical input to every strategic supply chain decision. Climate issues continue to ripple through global industrial supply chains - from Texas to Taiwan. The combination of COVID-... »

World Water Day with John Berryman Episode #23 — 23 March 2021

In honor of World Water Day (March 22), this episode is dedicated to raising awareness of the value of water.  We took this opportunity to have a conversation to call your attention to water, what it means to you, how society can better protect this... »

Special Episode: Big Acquisitions in Water Are a Big Deal with Keith Hays Episode #21 — 09 March 2021

In response to three recent billion-dollar water deals, Bluefield is releasing a special episode of The Future of Water—to help our listeners break down what this growing interest in water means. Bluefield's Reese Tisdale and Keith Hays discuss ... »

Is Texas Water Crisis a Harbinger of Climate Risk? with Erin Bonney Casey Episode #22 — 09 March 2021

This discussion delves into the water crisis in Texas, climate, and what climatic events could mean for sustainable water management going forward. Over the last two weeks, Texas has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. More than 14 million pe... »

Digging into the Aegion/New Mountain Megadeal with Mariel Marchand Episode #20 — 23 February 2021

Digging into the water sector's latest megadeal between Aegion and New Mountain Capital. Aegion Corporation, a provider of infrastructure maintenance, rehabilitation, and protection solutions announced that it has accepted an offer to be acquired by ... »

Can you hear me now? What role will telecoms play in water? New Future of Water Podcast out now (and report coming soon) @MotorolaUS @Verizon @TMobile @VodafoneGroup @nokia

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