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Bluefield Research supports companies across the water value chain – both municipal & industrial – with authoritative, actionable water market intelligence.

Our relationship-driven business model, in which interactive analyst support is a central tenet, is structured to empower our clients to make the best strategic decisions in a changing global landscape.


We find real value in Bluefield’s responsiveness and transparency in answering questions about the supporting data and research methodology used in their water market insights.
Sarah Styan, Research Specialist, Black & Veatch
Bluefield’s analysis was a huge help in explaining to the executive team the background for municipal water as to where we play, and where we traditionally target M&A—and the white spaces in between. Lots of things for us to consider moving forward.
Jonathan P. Brinks, Manager, Corporate Development & Strategy, Mueller
The Bluefield team has been great to work with, and extremely responsive to any questions our team might have. Bluefield’s reports are thorough, informative and a great way for us to share knowledge across all levels and sectors of the company.
Kathleen Udasco, Senior Communications Strategy Specialist, American Water
Bluefield's team is always willing and ready to respond to my inquiries expeditiously and professionally.
Yvonne Bland, Vice President Sales & Business Development, Core & Main
When it comes to answering big questions or solving complex problems, having a partner like Bluefield Research can be a game-changer. Their research helps bring our insights to life and drive the kind of change that improves quality of life. They are a collaborative partner and we realize significant value from working with them.
Greg Osthues, Water Service Line Director, Arcadis
We save considerable time and resources preparing for company presentations and board meetings by leveraging Bluefield’s team of analysts and their data and insights into key water sector trends.
Marty Kropelnicki, President & CEO, California Water Service Group
Bluefield is raising the bar for what meaningful market research and vision looks like in the water industry.
Business Development Manager, Water Utilities, Xylem Inc.
It’s going to be a crazy year in water so we’re paying close attention to everything Bluefield’s putting out right now.
Seth Johnstone, Enterprise Program Lead, Esri Global Water Practice
Bluefield’s analyses on the municipal and industrial water industry provide key qualitative and quantitative insights that we incorporate into our ongoing research program. Having this information on hand saves us time and energy when business planning rolls around.
Lauren Anderson, Market Research Specialist, Woodard and Curran

We help our clients save time, money and resources.

Executives rely on Bluefield’s team of water experts to:

– validate internal research
– stress-test growth strategies
– anticipate market shifts
– evaluate emerging opportunities
– establish market positioning
– assess shifts in competition

The breadth and quality of our research is demonstrated by a deep roster of clients, including some of the largest and most innovative water companies in the world.

Leading companies in water are advancing their strategies with Bluefield.

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