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About Us

We are an independent advisory firm that was founded to help companies and organizations address the regulatory, technology, business, and competitive trends impacting water.

Our demonstrated research methodology and analytical framework, coupled with the team’s experience across a range of industries, enables Bluefield’s team of water experts to deliver unparalleled intelligence into critical factors shaping industrial and municipal water markets. Download company presentation.

Who are we?

We founded the company in 2012, because we believe that water is the most pressing issue facing our generation (and future generations). Maintaining the status quo in water and wastewater management is no longer an option and requires new strategies, alternative business models, and innovative solutions. Bluefield was launched to be at the leading edge of this change to support companies as they confront the challenge.

We know what it means to provide high quality research. Our team of experts has extensive experience providing strategic guidance to multinational companies and C-level executives. By leveraging our industry experience and leadership– company ownership and management– of other leading market research firms, clients receive unique, actionable intelligence.

We have in-depth and demonstrated knowledge of the water, environmental services, oil & gas, renewable energy, power, and telecom sectors that is increasingly valuable as water takes on a greater economic and critical role for cities and businesses, globally.

What do we offer?

We provide market intelligence backed with an objective, third-party view of the market. Our three distinctive product offerings are: annual insight services, off-the-shelf insight reports available for purchase, and consulting services. When clients engage with Bluefield, they gain immediate access our research archives, upcoming reports and data, and a team of water market experts prepared to address critical questions.

Bluefield supports all types of companies across the water sector and related industries– technology & equipment providers, EPCs, service companies, investors, municipal utilities, and industrial companies.

Why Bluefield?

  1. We are focused on research: Independent perspectives without the distractions and influences of event management, news distribution, and corporate sponsorships– that is strengthened by our role as a partner in your growth.
  2. We are water experts. We guide companies addressing critical questions in water across municipal & industrial water sectors with in-depth business insights.
  3. Our perspectives are diversified and global. Our team of water experts in the U.S and Europe apply diverse experiences from business, engineering, and infrastructure (e.g. energy, power, telecoms) sectors to municipal and industrial water markets.
  4. Transparent research methodology. Proven analytical model stressing industry structure, market dynamics, competitive positioning, and strategy drivers for companies across the value chain.
  5. End-to-end accountability. Proprietary databases built in-house, without a reliance on outsourced expertise, giving clients greater confidence in our bottom-up, research methodology and analysis.
  6. Access to our team. Ongoing support provided on a 24/7 basis, including assumption verification, methodology reviews, and follow-up analysis to strengthen key decisions.

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