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14 Mar 2016

Pumps and Systems // Western Hemisphere’s Largest Seawater Desalination Plant in Southern California Open for Business

It's a gold-plated plant," said Reese Tisdale, president of Bluefield Research, a Boston, Massachusetts-based firm that focuses on strategic water analysis. "It's the newest and best technology out th... »

18 Feb 2016

WaterWorld // Desalination and Wastewater Treatment Top Investment Forecast for Global Water Market

The market for water public-private partnership (PPP) projects is set to nearly triple between 2016 and 2020. New market activity will add an average 6 million m3/day of treatment capacity annually ve... »

03 Feb 2016

Private Water Players Reshaping Global Desalination; Poseidon Enters Top 25

The top 25 desalination system owners including both public and private companies - added a quarter (approximately 25%) of total capacity additions in 2015, representing an estimated 524,000 cubic met... »

05 Feb 2015

Japanese Trading Houses Enter 2015 as Market Movers for Private Water

On the heels of steady deal flow in 2014, Bluefield Research has released a new Data Insight, Japanese Player Water Portfolios: Trends & Analysis 2015 that evaluates strategic moves by seven key J... »

09 Sep 2014

Bluefield Presents Global Desalination Insights At 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium

Bluefield Research analyst, Erin Bonney Casey, presented analysis today on global desalination markets at the 29th Annual WateReuse Symposium in Dallas, Texas. The presentation highlighted recent find... »

21 Mar 2014

Greentech Media // Radical Change Needed to Address Water-Energy Nexus, UN Finds

With record droughts in Brazil, California and Southeast Asia, cutting-edge technology for water could see more investment, but only if the price of water rises in most areas of the globe. Factors suc... »

07 Feb 2014

Environment & Energy Publishing // Israel is Creating a Water Surplus Using Desalination

It basically becomes an insurance policy against future extreme drought," said Reese Tisdale, president of Bluefield Research, a U.S.-based water sector research group. It's not a question of when dro... »

17 Dec 2013

Private Ownership Sparks New Phase of Global Desalination Growth

Private ownership is expected to account for 51 percent of large-scale pipeline development, unlocking greenfield opportunities for companies across the desalination value chain. The global desalinati... »

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