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Zaid Railoun
Consultant, Africa Markets

Zaid Railoun supports Bluefield’s global water research team with perspectives and critical insights on water security issues impacting municipal and industrial sectors on the African continent. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, he has worked as a Water Sector Analyst for Investment Fund Africa and W12+ for whom he has performed analysis of national development plans and supported the identification and assessment of regional infrastructure opportunities in water.

Zaid has a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Water Science from the University of the Western Cape and a Master’s Degree in Conservation Ecology, Agri-Sciences from Stellenbosch University.

"Wastewater treatment usually takes a back seat to drinking water which is more at the forefront of people’s minds in terms of public health and safety.” @ErinBonneyCasey on @Marketplace. by @KA_marketplace #WastewaterTreatment

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