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Emma Bartlett
Research Analyst

Emma Bartlett is a Research Analyst for Bluefield Research’s U.S. & Canada Municipal Water Insight Service. She currently focuses her time on analyzing capital improvement plans and budgets for U.S. municipalities. Prior to her time at Bluefield she worked as a Watershed Science Intern at the Charles River Watershed Association, Duxbury Public Schools, and coached volleyball at Tufts University. Emma is based in Bluefield’s Boston office.

Emma attends Brandeis University, where she is a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies.


"Frackers in the region pay an average 50 to 75 cents for a barrel of water, according to Bluefield Research. That amounts to more than $200,000 a well..."… via @WSJ #WaterforFracking #WaterEnergyNexus #WaterforHydraulicFracturing

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