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Market Insight

28 Jun 2018
Market Insight

U.S. Nitrate Pollution: Identifying the Market for Biological Treatment Solutions

There are over 1,700 community drinking water systems that have had measured violations of nitrate levels in the past three years. The biggest barrier to implementation of biological nitrate removal ... »

14 Jun 2018
Market Insight

Smart Water Down Under: Australia Water Utilities Deploy Advanced Technologies in Search of Operational Efficiency

Government-owned municipal water utilities in Australia provide essential water supply services to over 22 million people, representing 82.4% of the population. 2017 saw an uptick in municipal utiliti... »

04 May 2018
Market Insight

U.S. Airport Water Reuse & Water Management: Market Size, Drivers, and Applications

Airport authorities, municipalities, airlines, and rental car companies are investing in airport-based water reuse. Bluefield has identified 22 existing and planned airport projects projects with reus... »

27 Oct 2017
Market Insight

Variable Frequency Drives: U.S. Municipal Industry Trends & Market Forecast

U.S. water & wastewater utilities are increasingly seeking alternatives to become more energy-efficient, drive down operating costs, address resiliency and upgrade deteriorating infrastructure. As... »

17 Oct 2017
Market Insight

Water Solutions for Commercial Building Infrastructure: Market Dynamics and Competitive Landscape (France, Germany, UK)

As European governments strive toward energy-efficiency targets of 2030 and the broader goal to establish a decarbonized building stock by 2050, water management within buildings has emerged as a key ... »

19 Jul 2017
Market Insight

Peru Mining Adjusts to New Water Realities

Peru has seen a significant shift in its regulation of water management for mining, with an exponential increase in reported violations. The global mining market’s recovery in 2017... »

07 Jun 2017
Market Insight

Water for U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing: Competitive Strategies, Solutions, & Outlook, 2017-2026

The hydraulic fracturing market’s call for water management solutions has been kickstarted by a resurgence of drilling activity in 2017 and pressure on companies to rein in operating costs. Energy c... »

28 Jan 2017
Market Insight

Water Network for Energy Efficiency: Europe’s Utilities Address Key Supply, Treatment Segments

Energy efficiency has become a key priority of European utilities. A combination of policy, market factors, and local network characteristics are driving water utilities... »

05 Dec 2016
Market Insight

U.S. Dairy Sector Water Management: Market Trends and Forecasts, 2016-2020

The biggest water-related obstacle dairy processing facilities face is the removal of excess nutrients from wastewater streams, the complexity of which often require customized... »

01 Dec 2016
Market Insight

Leakage Management in Europe: Water Utilities Develop Multi-Vendor Strategies

Leakage management has emerged as a major priority for Europe’s water utilities to reduce non-revenue water. New market insight available for purchase.... »

27 Oct 2016
Market Insight

Smart Water Meters in Europe: Utility Strategies Drive Adoption, 2016-2020

Market insight analyzing utility strategies to drive smart water meter adoption. Available for purchase and immediate download European water utilities are deploying new strategies to become more ef... »

06 Oct 2016
Market Insight

Municipal Utility Districts in Texas: Emerging Drivers, Trends, & Opportunities

The Municipal Utility District (MUD) market for water infrastructure services is highly concentrated in Texas - Bluefield analyzes market drivers and inhibitors... »

01 Jul 2016
Market Insight

Brexit: UK Water Sector Players Brace for Impact

Brexit has injected another level of uncertainty into the municipal water sector, requiring all foreign investors to reassess their UK portfolios.  What are the implications?... »

04 Apr 2016
Market Insight

U.S. Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Project Pipeline and Market Update 2016

Our analysis of the U.S. wastewater reuse sector demonstrates a total installed capacity of 18.5 million m3/d and US$12 billion of projects in the pipeline.... »

24 Feb 2016
Market Insight

India Policies Refocus Efforts for Water PPP Progress

India has seen mixed results developing water infrastructure through public-private partnerships (PPPs), despite increasing its policy commitments to address its massive infrastructure gap. Continued ... »

28 Jan 2016
Market Insight

China’s Municipal Wastewater Sector: Market Analysis & Trends, 2016-2020

In China, increasing regulation and openness to private sector investment are fundamental drivers for municipal wastewater project development. In this Market Insight, our water experts analyze:... »

06 Jan 2016
Market Insight

Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Latin America Market Analysis

Now available is Bluefield's Market Insight, Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Latin America Market Analysis.... »

06 Jan 2016
Market Insight

Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Asia Pacific Market Analysis

Now available is Bluefield's Market Insight, Public-Private Partnerships in Water: Asia Pacific Market Analysis.... »

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