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Data Insight

03 Aug 2016
Data Insight

Renewable-Powered Desalination: Global Market Trends and Drivers

Since 2000, 66 renewable-energy-powered desalination plants have been commissioned with a combined capacity of 1.7 million m3/d. Developed countries that are attempting to offset...  ... »

U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities Quarterly M&A Update

More than US$384 million of IOU acquisitions across 20 deals have been completed so far in 2016. This year is already on track to surpass 2015 value of deals by more than US$200 million.... »

31 Mar 2016
Data Insight

Water for Fracking in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale: Wastewater Production, Treatment, Disposal, & Company Positioning

Bluefield Research’s analysis of more than 8,431 well permits for hydraulic fracturing in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale.... »

U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities M&A Update, 2013-2015

Investor-owned utilities (IOUs) completed 33 water deals in 2015, representing more than US$297 million of IOU acquisitions. This is slightly ahead of the 32 deals in 2014 and 30 deals in 2013. Lookin... »

U.S. EPA Combined Sewer Compliance: Judicial Consent Decree Trends and Planned Investment

Municipal sewer systems are facing increasing enforcement action and Clean Water Act violations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce discharges of raw sewage and stormwater runoff. ... »

03 Feb 2016
Data Insight

Global Desalination Ownership Rankings, Year-End 2015

Global Desalination Ownership Rankings: Bluefield's Top 25... »

U.S. Desalination Market Update: Policies, Projects & Trends, 2015

This Data Insight, U.S. Desalination Market Update: Policies, Projects & Trends, 2015, analyzes key developments and market shifts impacting municipal desalination development going forward. Market players are demonstrating increased optimism for future build-out with widespread concerns by regulators and utilities about water supply risks.... »

U.S. Investor Owned Utilities: M&A Developments, Update 2015

This Data Insight, U.S. Investor Owned Utilities: M&A Developments, Update 2015, analyzes deal activity from 2013 to 2015. Regulated investor-owned utility (IOU) dealmaking has increased during th... »

SWIFT Action in Texas: State Water Implementation Fund for Texas, 2015 Awards

This Data Insight, SWIFT Action in Texas: State Water Implementation Fund for Texas, 2015 Awards, analyzes the 2015 funding awards to 21 applicants. On 23 July 2015, the Texas Water Development Board ... »

Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Texas: Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities

This Data Insight, Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Texas: Market Trends and Emerging Opportunities, highlights the wastewater reuse market in Texas and opportunities for growth going forward. Sparked by... »

29 May 2015
Data Insight

Brazil Private Water Concessions: Contract Awards and Company Rankings, 2014-2015

This Data Insight discusses the currently volatile conditions influencing private water concessions in Brazil. Brazil's private water market faces a mix of macroeconomic challenges such as drought in ... »

19 May 2015
Data Insight

California Municipal Wastewater Treatment & Reuse

This Data Insight, California Municipal Wastewater Treatment & Reuse: Market Drivers, Trends, and Outlook, highlights key drivers and trends impacting greater deployment of reuse systems in the st... »

Municipal Wastewater Reuse in Florida: Market Trends & Emerging Opportunities

Installed wastewater reuse capacity in Florida has grown 52% since 2000, reaching 6.6 million m3/d in 2014. These installations place the state at the forefront of US wastewater reuse adoption. Lookin... »

11 Feb 2015
Data Insight

Updated Outlook // Water for U.S. Hydraulic Fracturing Forecast, 2015-2020

This market outlook has been updated to reflect new market conditions, sparked by a US$64/bbl decline in oil prices between June 2014 and January 2015. The six-month, nearly 60% drop in global oil pri... »

04 Feb 2015
Data Insight

Japanese Water Players: Portfolio Trends & Analysis

A core group of seven major Japanese trading houses are ramping up for greater acquisition activity and expansion in 2015 to build out their water industry businesses. In total, these firms' utility n... »

21 Nov 2014
Data Insight

Spanish EPC Firms Scale Municipal Presence Internationally: Competitive Strategies, Global Positioning & Portfolio Management

The expanding international presence of Spanish EPC firms highlights an increasingly competitive EPC and water system integrator landscape in which companies are diversifying their municipal strategies globally.... »

12 Sep 2014
Data Insight

Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale: Fracking Wastewater Production, Disposal, & Treatment Trends, 2010-2014

This Data Insight is an in-depth analysis of Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale and the fracking wastewater market size, treatment trends, and well operator rankings. Bluefield Research's analysis of more... »

02 May 2014
Data Insight

Independent Water & Power Providers 2014: Desalination Market Update

Independent Water & Power Providers 2014: Desalination Market Update highlights recent development and trends for this currently niche market. The Data Insight details the net ownership positions... »

Another example re: critical infrastructure providers converging under a single investor-owned utility banner: Pa. approves @AquaAmerica’s $4.3 billion expansion into natural gas. Now it wants to be Essential.… via @PhillyInquirer #PrivateWater

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