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Data Insight

19 Apr 2017
Data Insight

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations, 2016-2017 (Midwest)

More than US$12.2 billion has been requested from the State Revolving Funds in the Midwest -- a key source of funding to improve drinking water and clean water infrastructure... »

US Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Project Pipeline and Segmentation Analysis, 2017-2030

For the first time, Hawaii, Georgia, Wyoming, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have water reuse projects included in Bluefield’s database of 763 projects.... »

The Cost of Water: Comparing Alternative and Legacy Water Supplies in the U.S.

The cost of traditional water supplies — water rights, new transmission, and reservoirs — are on the rise. In response to water shortages, municipalities and utilities are tapping alternat... »

Global Smart Water Update: Market Trends, Competitive Shifts, & Project Activity

Smart water project announcements in the second half of 2016 were driven by utility responses to water scarcity and non-revenue water, regulatory compliance, and vendor M&A to consolidate value chain positions.... »

U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities M&A Update, Year-End 2016

More than US$622 million of acquisitions for 56 deals were completed in 2016, pushing the total executed deal value since the start of 2013 to more... »

U.S. Biogas Markets & Trends: A Convergence of Municipal Wastewater and Power

Large-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants provide the greatest opportunity for biogas. However, declines in natural gas prices and expectations of continued supply... »

Market-Based Opportunities for Private Water Players: U.S. Military Service Contracts

Once dominated by a few select players, military service contracts now offer market-based opportunities for private water companies. While investor-owned utilities in the U.S. rely heavily on their c... »

10 Nov 2016

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Data Insight

U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities M&A Update: 2013 – Q3 2016

More than US$448 million of acquisitions for 25 deals have been completed through the first three quarters of this year... »

02 Nov 2016
Data Insight

Europe’s Private Water Utilities: Company Profiles, Rankings, & Trends, 2016

Europe's top 15 consolidated private water utilities serve over 147 million of people in 11 countries, covering just under 30% of total population.... »

28 Oct 2016
Data InsightForecast

Canada Municipal Water Infrastructure: Utility Strategies & CAPEX Forecasts, 2016-2025

Canada’s municipal utilities are on track to spend C$72 billion (or  C$2,500 bill per person) on water infrastructure over the next decade... »

19 Oct 2016
Data Insight

U.S. EPA Industrial Consent Decrees: Judicial Consent Decree Trends and Planned Investment

The EPA has issued 95 consent decrees to industrial violators of the Clean Water Act, totaling more than US$6.4 billion in civil penalties. This Data Insight...... »

U.S. Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Project Pipeline and Market Forecast, 2016-2026

Bluefield forecasts 10 million m3/d of reuse capacity additions between 2016 and 2026, accounting for over US$11 billion in capital investment. California will surpass Florida... »

13 Sep 2016
Data Insight

Smart Water Meter Rollouts Gain Momentum in Texas

Austin Water in Texas was awarded a US $80.2 million loan to replace 250,000 customers' water meters with smart meters - following hundreds of complaints about unusually high water bills... »

New York Municipal Water and Wastewater Infrastructure: State Funding Awards 2016

New York Governor Cuomo recently announced funding for 95 water infrastructure projects.... »

U.S. Public Water System Violations (2011-H1 2016)

More than 42 million people served by public water systems in the 50 U.S. states and Native American reservations are potentially impacted by violations of the Clean Water Act.... »

23 Aug 2016
Data Insight

Southeast Asia Private Water Utilities: Company Rankings, 2016

Southeast Asia’s private water utility market remains dominated by long-term concessions in large cities in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Bluefield ranks the top private utilities... »

U.S. Municipal Water & Wastewater Utility Rate Index, 2016

Bluefield's analysis of customer billing rates for municipal water and wastewater services across 50 US shows a five-year increase exceeding 25% from 2012-2016.  The cost of wastewater is more expensive... »

16 Aug 2016
Data Insight

Latin America Private Water Utilities: Company Rankings & Trends, 2016

Bluefield ranks the top 15 Latin American consolidated private water utilities in Latin America. Weakening of regional currencies and droughts led to a 21% drop from 2014.... »

Another example re: critical infrastructure providers converging under a single investor-owned utility banner: Pa. approves @AquaAmerica’s $4.3 billion expansion into natural gas. Now it wants to be Essential.… via @PhillyInquirer #PrivateWater

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