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Data Insight

08 May 2017
Data Insight

Water for Fracking: Produced Water Treatment & Disposal Trends in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale

Pennsylvania continues to set the pace for recycling produced water for fracking in the Marcellus shale, with more than 60% of the 25 million barrels stored and treated for multiple applications. At t... »

28 Apr 2017
Data Insight

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations (South)

With declining federal funding for water projects, State Revolving Funds (SRF) provide low interest loans to public and private entities to improve drinking water and clean water infrastructure across... »

28 Apr 2017
Data Insight

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations (Northeast)

State Revolving Fund project needs in the Northeast region total more than US$34.6 billion with New York and New Jersey at the top of the list.... »

24 Apr 2017
Data Insight

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations, 2016-2017 (West)

Colorado has the highest drinking water project need, while California has the highest clean water project need. Bluefield analyzes funding for each state in the West... »

19 Apr 2017
Data Insight

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations, 2016-2017 (Midwest)

More than US$12.2 billion has been requested from the State Revolving Funds in the Midwest -- a key source of funding to improve drinking water and clean water infrastructure... »

10 Apr 2017
Data Insight

US Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Project Pipeline and Segmentation Analysis, 2017-2030

For the first time, Hawaii, Georgia, Wyoming, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have water reuse projects included in Bluefield’s database of 763 projects.... »

06 Apr 2017
Data Insight

The Cost of Water: Comparing Alternative and Legacy Water Supplies in the U.S.

The cost of traditional water supplies — water rights, new transmission, and reservoirs — are on the rise. In response to water shortages, municipalities and utilities are tapping alternat... »

01 Feb 2017
Data Insight

Global Smart Water Update: Market Trends, Competitive Shifts, & Project Activity

Smart water project announcements in the second half of 2016 were driven by utility responses to water scarcity and non-revenue water, regulatory compliance, and vendor M&A to consolidate value chain positions.... »

19 Jan 2017
Data Insight

U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities M&A Update, Year-End 2016

More than US$622 million of acquisitions for 56 deals were completed in 2016, pushing the total executed deal value since the start of 2013 to more... »

10 Dec 2016
Data Insight

U.S. Biogas Markets & Trends: A Convergence of Municipal Wastewater and Power

Large-scale municipal wastewater treatment plants provide the greatest opportunity for biogas. However, declines in natural gas prices and expectations of continued supply... »

14 Nov 2016
Data Insight

Market-Based Opportunities for Private Water Players: U.S. Military Service Contracts

Once dominated by a few select players, military service contracts now offer market-based opportunities for private water companies. While investor-owned utilities in the U.S. rely heavily on their c... »

10 Nov 2016

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Data Insight

U.S. Investor-Owned Utilities M&A Update: 2013 – Q3 2016

More than US$448 million of acquisitions for 25 deals have been completed through the first three quarters of this year... »

02 Nov 2016
Data Insight

Europe’s Private Water Utilities: Company Profiles, Rankings, & Trends, 2016

Europe's top 15 consolidated private water utilities serve over 147 million of people in 11 countries, covering just under 30% of total population.... »

28 Oct 2016
Data InsightForecast

Canada Municipal Water Infrastructure: Utility Strategies & CAPEX Forecasts, 2016-2025

Canada’s municipal utilities are on track to spend C$72 billion (or  C$2,500 bill per person) on water infrastructure over the next decade... »

19 Oct 2016
Data Insight

U.S. EPA Industrial Consent Decrees: Judicial Consent Decree Trends and Planned Investment

The EPA has issued 95 consent decrees to industrial violators of the Clean Water Act, totaling more than US$6.4 billion in civil penalties. This Data Insight...... »

22 Sep 2016
Data Insight

U.S. Municipal Wastewater Reuse: Project Pipeline and Market Forecast, 2016-2026

Bluefield forecasts 10 million m3/d of reuse capacity additions between 2016 and 2026, accounting for over US$11 billion in capital investment. California will surpass Florida... »

13 Sep 2016
Data Insight

Smart Water Meter Rollouts Gain Momentum in Texas

Austin Water in Texas was awarded a US $80.2 million loan to replace 250,000 customers' water meters with smart meters - following hundreds of complaints about unusually high water bills... »

09 Sep 2016
Data Insight

New York Municipal Water and Wastewater Infrastructure: State Funding Awards 2016

New York Governor Cuomo recently announced funding for 95 water infrastructure projects.... »

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