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07 Dec 2017
Data Insight
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Venture Capital in Water: Key Transactions and Trends

As start-ups develop new solutions for a risk-averse municipal water sector, venture capital is a key channel of funding to bridge a lengthy process in establishing key utility references and growth. ... »

14 Nov 2017
Data Insight

Coal Ash Ponds: Regulatory and Market Trends for Water Solutions Providers

Market forces are rapidly undermining the U.S. electric power sector’s reliance on coal and increasing pressure on utilities to take action.  The EPA recently finalized the Coal Combustion Residual... »

Global Water M&A: Transactions and Trends in Technology, Equipment, & Services, Q4 2017

Forecasted demand for infrastructure rehabilitation projects, and demand for water and wastewater services in developed and developing markets have made it a seller’s market. Competition is heavy am... »

U.S. Investor-Owned Water Utilities, M&A Deals and Trends, Q4 2017

Through Q3 2017, more than US$263 million of IOU acquisitions for 62 deals have been completed. American Water completed three tuck-in acquisitions. Texas and Pennsylvania continue to be hot spots for acquisitions... »

09 Oct 2017
Data Insight

Industrial Water Reuse: Municipal Partnerships & U.S. Trends

Industrial facilities are some of the highest volume of water users representing approximately 87% of the U.S. freshwater withdrawals. This demand, put in context with drought and operational risks, i... »

13 Sep 2017
Data Insight

Global Water M&A: Transactions and Trends in Technology, Equipment, & Services, Q3 2017

Bluefield Research tracks M&A transactions and their impacts on competitive landscape. This Data Insight is focused on technology, equipment & services deals. From Q1 2014 into Q3 2017, Bluef... »

U.S. Investor-Owned Water Utilities: M&A Deals & Trends, Q3 2017

More than US$187 million of acquisitions for 28 deals were completed in the second quarter of this year. While American Water and Aqua America further built out their footprint, Eversource Energy announced the acquisition... »

India Smart Cities: Investment Trends for Smarter Water Infrastructure

India is positioning itself at the global forefront of smart urban infrastructure development with US$29 billion in total spend by 2020 allocated to its Smart Cities Mission. Of the $13.2 billion iden... »

21 Jul 2017
Data Insight

U.S. Pulp and Paper: Water Demand and Management Trends

The U.S. pulp and paper industry collectively withdrew 814 million gallons or .06% of water in 2016 – of which approximately 70% is surface water. Historically characterized by high water intensity,... »

Global Smart Water: Market Trends, Competitive Shifts, & Project Activity H1 2017

Smart water project announcements in the first half of 2017 were driven by utility responses to water scarcity, complying with local market regulations, and vendor M&A. These deals reflect shifting opportunities... »

U.S. Combined Sewer Overflows: Correction Costs and Management Solutions

Combined Sewer Systems serve approximately one quarter of the U.S. population. Stemming from increasing patterns of large weather events, combined sewer overflows (CSO) result in nearly 850 billion ga... »

U.S. Municipal Water and Wastewater Utility Bill Index, 2017

Across the 50 largest US metropolitan areas, water utility bills average US$38.06 monthly and wastewater bills average US$53.81, based on average household consumption within each respective state. R... »

U.S. Investor-Owned Water Utilities: M&A Deals and Trends, Q2 2017

Deal activity, sparked by favorable macroeconomic trends, continues to center on a core group of states– Pennsylvania, Texas, California– but recent deal flow and policy shifts indicate further expansion... »

08 May 2017
Data Insight

Water for Fracking: Produced Water Treatment & Disposal Trends in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale

Pennsylvania continues to set the pace for recycling produced water for fracking in the Marcellus shale, with more than 60% of the 25 million barrels stored and treated for multiple applications. At t... »

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations (South)

With declining federal funding for water projects, State Revolving Funds (SRF) provide low interest loans to public and private entities to improve drinking water and clean water infrastructure across... »

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations (Northeast)

State Revolving Fund project needs in the Northeast region total more than US$34.6 billion with New York and New Jersey at the top of the list.... »

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations, 2016-2017 (West)

Colorado has the highest drinking water project need, while California has the highest clean water project need. Bluefield analyzes funding for each state in the West... »

State Revolving Fund Budget Allocations, 2016-2017 (Midwest)

More than US$12.2 billion has been requested from the State Revolving Funds in the Midwest -- a key source of funding to improve drinking water and clean water infrastructure... »

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