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Analyst Presentation

07 Sep 2018 Analyst Presentation

Smart Water: Tendencias globales de hoy y mañana (Aquatech Mexico)

This presentation analyzes global smart water trends (both now and in the future). First given by Bluefield Co-Founder and Vice President Keith Hays at Aquatech Mexico. Topics covered include: Advance... »

07 Sep 2018 Analyst Presentation

Aquatech Mexico PPPs (Experiencias Exitosas de Estados Mexicanos)

This presentation analyzes public-private partnerships across global water markets. First given by Bluefield Co-Founder and Vice President Keith Hays at Aquatech Mexico, these slides look at the curre... »

12 Aug 2018 Analyst Presentation

Tell Me, Please: What is Digital Water?

Water, or more accurately the water industry, is going digital. The impacts are far-reaching, influencing utility operations, maintenance, and capital investments in solutions for everything from leak... »

27 Jun 2018 Analyst Presentation

Water conference floods…and other key takeaways from ACE

One week after leading water experts gathered at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas to discuss the most critical water market issues, the hotel flooded due to a water main break. There is no doubt that o... »

18 Jun 2018 Analyst Presentation

The Digitization of Water (ACE Presentation)

Presentation by Bluefield President Reese Tisdale at the 2018 AWWA ACE Conference in Las Vegas on the digitization of water. These slides analyze the competitive landscape and business strategies, inc... »

22 May 2018 Analyst Presentation

Are water infrastructure investment needs overstated? 3 takeaways from Xylem’s “Modernizing Water Infrastructure” workshop

Last week, over one hundred U.S. water industry personnel convened in Laurel, Maryland for a workshop to address strategies and trends in modernizing water & wastewater infrastructure. Xylem Inc. ... »

10 May 2018 Analyst Presentation

Hot Topics Across Water (Massachusetts Clean Energy Center)

Presentation by Bluefield President Reese Tisdale to Massachusetts Clean Energy Center covering key topics across water. These slides cover the following: Public and state spending on water infrastruc... »

02 May 2018 Analyst Presentation

Advanced Asset Management Practices: A Global Overview

Bluefield water experts Will Maize and Erin Bonney Casey recently presented on a webinar for the Water Asset Management Conference Series. These slides provides highlight analysis available through ou... »

11 Apr 2018 Analyst Presentation

Water In Humanitarian Emergencies: Water Infrastructure & Investments

First presented by Bluefield President Reese Tisdale at the Water Systems Science and Society (WSSS) Symposium at Tufts University in Boston. This presentation covers the following: Global Water Suppl... »

05 Apr 2018 Analyst Presentation

Is U.S. water infrastructure going to the dogs?

Over the next decade, U.S. municipal utilities have set the stage for over US$683 billion in capital improvements to address deteriorating piping networks, combined sewer overflows, and rising popula... »

26 Feb 2018 Analyst Presentation

Water and Mining: What in the World is Happening with Tailings?

A joint presentation by Bluefield and WesTech at the SME Annual Conference in Minneapolis, looks at how the mining industry is changing.  Recent price upswing has kick-started project expansions and ... »

26 Feb 2018 Analyst Presentation

Leaks Remain a Huge Problem for the Water Industry: Is Innovation Changing the Game?

I am excited to attend the 9th edition of the Global Leakage Summit, taking place in London, U.K., in just a few weeks. I was heartened to see a conference dedicated specifically to this important sub... »

29 Jan 2018 Analyst Presentation

What are you going to do when your government says, “Sorry folks, we are out of water.”?

Drought-stricken, Cape Town residents have been mandated to use no more than 13.2 gallons, or 50 litres, of water per day, beginning 1 February 2018, on the way to “Day Zero”. Without rainfall, on... »

11 Dec 2017 Analyst Presentation

No Drop Left Behind: Planning California’s Water Future

When I first heard there was a water conference in Silicon Valley, I was intrigued. Microsoft hosted the event, No Drop Left Behind, sponsored by Sustainable Silicon Valley. In this forum, Microso... »

08 Nov 2017 Analyst Presentation

$22 Billion for Water Reuse: Where are the Opportunities for Municipalities and Business?

Slides first presented on webinar hosted by the WaterReuse Association. Bluefield analyzes  the market drivers for water reuse across the U.S., highlighting growing opportunities for water recycling ... »

31 Oct 2017 Analyst Presentation

Every Drop Counts: Oil and Gas Industry Targets Water Efficiency

Presentation first given by Bluefield VP Keith Hays at Aquatech on the oil and gas industry’s efforts to target efficiency. This presentation analyzes the combination of factors, including marke... »

19 Oct 2017 Analyst Presentation

Four (water related) thoughts on Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2017

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Bentley Systems’ Year in Infrastructure conference in Singapore. The 2017 event marked the first year the conference was held in the Asia Pacific region, an... »

04 Oct 2017 Analyst Presentation

Wastewater Reuse: The U.S. Market Landscape and Outlook for a Continued Buildout (WEFTEC 2017)

Presentation by Bluefield President Reese Tisdale at the WEFTEC 2017 Conference in Chicago on Wastewater Reuse Outlook in the U.S. These complimentary slides address: The Municipal Wastewater Reuse La... »

Another example re: critical infrastructure providers converging under a single investor-owned utility banner: Pa. approves @AquaAmerica’s $4.3 billion expansion into natural gas. Now it wants to be Essential.… via @PhillyInquirer #PrivateWater

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