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07 March 2017
Bluefield on Tap: The Impact of Energy Development on Water Use with Jason Oyler

Susquehanna River Basin Commission (SRBC) General Counsel Jason Oyler joins The Water Values Podcast and provides a fascinating look at how the SRBC sprung into action when unconventional gas drilling (i.e., fracking) started in the Susquehanna River Basin. Jason covers a tremendous amount of ground, from how the SRBC promulgated rules quickly, how the SRBC addressed the quantity of water used and where that water was being used, how the SRBC implemented a system of low flow pass-bys, and also how the SRBC monitors water quality. Jason pulls back the curtain on how the SRBC operates – this is an episode you need to hear. As you listen, remember that the SRBC is not a water quality regulator, it is a water quantity regulator. Additionally, the podcast features our second Bluefield on Tap segment, in which Reese Tisdale, President of Bluefield Research, discusses current water market conditions in the energy sector.

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Bluefield on Tap is a segment on David T. McGimpsey's The Water Values podcast where market research experts from Bluefield Research join the podcast for a brief segment on current issues and trends in the water marketplace.

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