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07 November 2017
Bluefield on Tap: The Business of Water: M&A Activity Going Strong with Reese Tisdale

Reese Tisdale returns for an in-depth discussion of the business of water and specifically, the flurry of M&A activity the water industry has seen over the last few years. As president of Bluefield Research, Reese and his team track deals, identify trends and explain why events unfold the way they do. Reese brings that knowledge to the table for you in this episode of The Water Values Podcast. In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The number of water sector M&A deals over the last few years
  • The dollar value of water sector M&A deals over the last few years
  • Where those deals are happening (e.g., U.S., et al)
  • How companies are cross-marketing within the water sector
  • Thoughts on Eversource Energy’s acquisition of Acquarion
  • Analysis of trends in the water sector
  • Thoughts on what lies ahead

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Bluefield on Tap is a segment on David T. McGimpsey's The Water Values podcast where market research experts from Bluefield Research join the podcast for a brief segment on current issues and trends in the water marketplace.

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