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The Water Values Podcast

The Water Values Podcast series is presented in collaboration with Bluefield Research. This podcast series explores water issues from a variety of perspectives with the goal of uncovering the true value of water. Each episode will delve into one aspect of water, such as water utilities, water treatment, water resources, water reuse, and more. Enter your email to be alerted when new Water Values podcasts are available (free).

The Economics of Water with David Zetland, Ph.D. Episode #9 — 29 April 2014

This week, The Water Values Podcast welcomes noted economist and author David Zetland. David takes us on a wide-ranging interview where he discusses the relationship between the price of water, the value of water and the cost of water. He also...... »

Rehabbing Our Rivers! River Restoration or Reclamation? with Marty Melchior Episode #8 — 22 April 2014

The Water Values Podcast welcomes Marty Melchior of Inter-Fluve, Inc. to discuss restoration and reclamation of rivers and streams. Marty provides some great information about reclaiming our rivers. From beginning the process of reclamation to the...... »

What’s a Leaky River? with Dr. Ellen Wohl Episode #7 — 15 April 2014

Dr. Ellen Wohl of Colorado State University joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss rivers and streams, and headwaters streams in particular. If you’ve always thought of rivers and streams as conduits to flush away whatever we put into it, this..... »

Why Do We Drink Bottled Water? with Prof. Jim Salzman Episode #6 — 08 April 2014

The sixth session of The Water Values Podcast welcomes Duke University professor Jim Salzman. Jim wrote a book titled Drinking Water: A History, in which he follows the history of water from a number of differing perspectives. In our talk, Jim...... »

Are We Prepared For Increasing Water Scarcity? The Colorado River and Water Conservation in Southern Nevada Episode #5 — 01 April 2014

In the fifth session of The Water Values Podcast, I welcome John Entsminger, the new General Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. John was very generous with his time and shared a tremendous amount of his knowledge about the Colorado River... »

Safe Drinking Water and the History Behind it with Mike McGuire Episode #4 — 24 March 2014

In the fourth session of The Water Values Podcast, Mike McGuire joins us to talk about safe drinking water. Mike is a California-based engineer, author, blogger and water historian. He provides a terrific interview and reveals some little...... »

Clean Water = Great Beer! A Conversation with Jenn Vervier Episode #3 — 13 March 2014

In the third session of The Water Values Podcast (and first recorded), I welcome Jenn Vervier, the Director of Sustainability and Strategic Development for New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Jenn shared a tremendous amount of information.... »

Water Planning with Jack Wittman Episode #2 — 13 March 2014

In the second session of The Water Values Podcast, I welcome Jack Wittman, a hydrogeologist with INTERA. As described in the podcast, Jack has significant experience in all kinds of water issues and has worked all over the United States. He is a...... »

Perspectives on Water with Matt Klein Episode #1 — 13 March 2014

In the first-ever session of The Water Values Podcast, I’m happy to welcome Matt Klein. Matt’s wide-ranging experience with water issues demonstrates why I wanted him as my first guest. Matt has been an environmental regulator, an environmental..... »

Reuse is Brewing Up (Webcast) The use of purified recycled water to brew beer has become more popular, but what is the outlook for growth? @BluefieldWater Nathan Goldstein joins @WateReuseAssoci to discuss market drivers, business strategies #WaterReuse

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