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27 Oct 2021

Water for Energy: Trends, Conditions, Forward Looking Q3 2021 
The water for energy landscape is undergoing a transformation, shaped by changing energy supplies and related water management strategies. Key topics at the forefront are electric power production undercut by droughts, strengthening upstream oil & gas sector heading into summer season bolsters midstream water outlook, hydrogen power pipeline will call for significant volumes of water placing emphasis on alternative sources, and earthquakes potentially shakeup fracking industry.

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Big Data’s Thirst for Water: Sizing Water Demands and Trends 

Scaling demand for cloud-based data and service offerings, globally, is being matched by an increase in the number and size of data centers. This broader...
30 Apr. 2020
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United Utilities EMAGINs Its Water Utility Future 

In October, U.K.-water service provider United Utilities announced it had signed a framework agreement with Canadian start-up EMAGIN Clean Technologies Inc.
15 Nov. 2018
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