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Here you can access all of our data from Bluefield in an easy-to-use, navigable format. Having all of your relevant water market data in one place will save you time and effort. The visualization will help you gain relevant insights. If there are certain datasets or dashboards you would like to see, please let us know.

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Dashboards updated this month

Total Addressable Market for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Global Water M&A Deals

Water for Data Centers Forecast

Quick tips

  • Click on the dashboards on the left-hand side to access the data available through your Bluefield corporate subscription
  • Use the filters on the right side to do a deeper dive into the data you need (by state, country, sector, year, etc.)
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Platform benefits

  • Real-Time updates as soon as they are published
  • Visualization to help you identify key insights and trends
  • Flexibility to drill down into your specific data needs
  • Save time and effort on your end, you no longer have to sort through xlsx spreadsheets
  • Easy access to our platform from your desktop, tablet, or phone


The Research and associated consulting engagements are sold under an Enterprise license*. This license permits use of the Research across global offices, departments, and organizations within the Client company. The license does not permit the Client to share the Research with third-party organizations, partners, or consultants without specific agreement and written consent from Bluefield; nor does the license permit the Client to share Research with people and companies, including their own clients and customers, beyond the Client company without specific written consent from Bluefield.

*Terms of the Enterprise license do not apply to Data Navigator. Bluefield’s data is provided through its Data Navigator platform. All of Bluefield’s Corporate Subscriptions include a Platform license granting access to Data Navigator for one seat holder per client. Additional Platform licenses can be purchased on a per seat basis. One seat (i.e., username and password) permits one person (ie., seat holder) to access data through the online Data platform. The license does not permit sharing login details with colleagues, third-party organizations, partners, or consultants.